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You can change the world

by changing the way you see the world.

What if love is to polish the meeting with someone who makes it possible for you to be more of yourselves. What if relations is not about owning and acting in a certain way that gives a sense of security, but what if relations is about mutual growth which gives more vitality.


It is not about being right for each other it’s about being real with each other. It is not about living up to expectations, goals or conditions, it is about growing up to be you and expand over and over to be the most authentic version of you.

Decades of research show that those who positively impact the world, see it differently first. These individuals don’t share a religion, high net worth or social status. What they share is a mindset. A set of skills, if you will. The 5 transformative skills; compassion, openness, perspective taking, value driven and sense making - are skills that maximizes our possibility for deep connection, interconnections and a sense of cohesion in a fast changing world.

"Where there is love there is life" - Mahatma Gandhi



A radical everyday practice and a love imprint that rewires your brain for deeper human connection.

This transformative process is about embracing your body, emotions, mind, intuition, spirituality, sensuality and pleasure by being vulnerable, authentic and surrendering into the unknown. It is about listening and sensing deep within and in the space between. To wholeheartedly celebrate and love the wholeness of you and others.

Reveals your automatic reactions – the inconsistencies between who you think you are and how you actually show up. These automatic reactions are often where we push love and connection away without even knowing it. Waking up to the ways of being that you have previously been blind to gives you radical access to authenticity, connection, choice and possibility.

Develops your five transformative skills  – openness, compassion, perspective taking, being value driven and sense making - Openness: You meet situations, people, thoughts and feelings with openness, acceptance and allowance. Compassion: You meet yourself and others with warmth, consideration, humility and integrity. Perspective taking: To seek and take in more possible perspectives for greater understanding of yourself, others and the whole. Value driven: You navigate yourself with insight into what is really important to you. Sense making: That you see and understand patterns and your role in the world we together create.

Rewire your brain for deeper human connection – oxytocin is the hormone of relational repair. When we can experience a sense of safety and trust in our body, we open up to allow a sense of connection and belonging as well and then we can begin to heal the hole in the heart from the past.

Scientists are discovering that changing the neurochemical scripts in the brain primes the brain to alter its neuronal scripts as well.  We can  begin to “re-wire” the deep encoding of all of our habitual, often unconscious, patterns of feeling, dealing and relating when we “re-pair” old messages about self in relationship with new, more oxytocin-based experiences of connection and love.  

“The Brain’s Rules for Change” in the Jan.-Feb. 2010 Psychotherapy Networker, describes a mechanism of experience-driven neuroplasticity to do this re-pairing and re-wiring and that oxytocin is the key for transforming old patterns in relations.

Integrate your insights – by practicing to relate to another human being in everyday situations, for a period of time, you will close the gap between what you know and what you actually do. This increases the possibility for behavioural change and embodiment.


This is for you who want to see more of yourself in a safe space.

This is for you who know that power and love are the two great forces that shapes the world and you feel called to love fully, together with others, to create a greater humanity. 

This is for you that are willing to take responsibility, in every human connection, by reclaiming yourself and your projections that separate you from love.

This is for you who are curious and courageous on experiencing an authentic, honest, present and close connection to yourself and want to develop your 5 transformative skills.

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