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What is calling
from the deepest place inside of us?
To go beyond what separates us, so we together can become a greater humanity.
We live in a time of major transformations. We are at a crossroads and now need to make wise choices. Technological and cultural development has given us more power and potential than ever before. At the same time, we risk inflicting great harm on ourselves and the world.
The systemic challenges in the world and our ability to handle these arising issues has to be developed. It's easy to get stuck in powerlessness and frustration, but still we want to focus on creating a sustainable and global solution. What is the best way to move forward?


Under the talk Pamela von Sabljar shares the tools where you can see every human connection as a gift to grow and experience a deeper human connection. The tools are based on experience, research on psychology, behavioral science, neuroscience, ancient spiritual wisdom and practises for nearly two decades by her and others.
The essence of the talk is about practicing your non-cognitive abilities. In other words, your transformative skills. There are 5 skills that are important in today's network society. We need them. They make us fast adapters in a fast changing world. These skills are compassion, openness, being value driven, perspective taking and sense making. By developing in these skills, you unfold your potential, creativity and maximise your possibility for deep connection, interconnections and a sense of cohesion which is needed to keep you open to love. 
Are you willing to meet everyone in your reality out of this idea? 
“Instead of judging, I have been practicing the skills of openness, allowance and acceptance for more than seventeen years. I have taken almost every single situation, place and personal interaction in my life and asked what can I learn from this.”

- Pamela von Sabljar

Your challenge is to love 7.5 billion people, are you on?
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