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Pamela’s life story includes being a present mom, global speaker, facilitator and a mentor, initiator to Nordic Women's Gathering, Unfold Transformation and Nexters Leadership Initiative. She also played a part in developing the Swedish schooling system, has been writing several books, suffering a burnout, following her curiosity and becoming a nomad. Facing what she is most afraid of and thereby entering one of the best conversations of her life and now focusing on being compassionate even when it hurts.

"Pamela is a brilliant mentor. Simple as that. She sees much further than the spoken words, to the core of me, why I say and act like I do. There she uncovers things I don't see myself but, when exposed, I know is true. On that level she coaches and gives me plenty of opportunities to learn and grow."

Noa Fridmark

   CEO DrinkNoa


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